Thursday, June 05, 2008

4 Step to get pregnant

Now I want to give you some step that you needed to do to get pregnant. It is just a tips, if you think it might be working just do it :

1. Don't do more Exercise.

Many people do more exercise to if they want to get pregnant not only man but also the woman. This is fatal, you need to take a break and relax before you did it. Cast and abdominal exercises in particular should be avoided.
Too much exercise would be something that some athletes, ballet dancers or eating-disordered women do to keep their weight and above the normal level. If you exercise so much that your periods are irregular or have completely missing, you will probably not be able to get pregnant anyway because your body will be temporarily abandoned their ovulation schedule. In this case, you should contact your doctor to plan an exercise schedule is moderate and a diet that will help your child grow strong and healthy when you thought.

2. Careful to choose Men's underwear.

Men's underwear also can prevent pregnancy, when it is so tidy. There have been studies, which showed that men who wore briefs had lower sperm counts than men, wore boxer. Millions of "letter" Men in boxers to do their part in the birth of a child, sustained the unpleasant feeling, suddenly everything loose around her legs up to their partners pregnancy test. There are also studies have shown that no statistical differences in the fertility of men due to their underwear. The scientific advice at this point seems to be that it does not much matter what a man does with his underwear, as long as it takes them from every once in a while. That is pretty much key in babymaking.

3. Not playing sex but moved sperm.
When you want to make a baby, you need to transform your sperm into the ovum, so don't use sex style but all you need is transfer it into the ovum. Unless a man has a unique problem with low sperm count, he has a lot and I think a lot of semen, to do the job is done, each and every time.

4. Don't do it when the Women on menstruation.
Yes, technically it's true, when woman got menstruation they aren't on ovulation but they throwout the result of the ovulation, the egg is cannot be fertilize. So, avoid to make a baby when she got menstruation.

Well, make sense right so try this step to get pregnancy.

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