Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tips to educated our kids

I have some information about how to deal with our children and get the education from us as a parent. Parent as a teacher is not an easy way and we should pay attention with the kids. Children under 2 year will not understand what is happening in the world around them, but respond to the tension and fear in their environment. Routines to maintain the calm and downtime will help your young children cope.
Children 3 to 5 years old have their questions answered at a developmentally appropriate level. Calm them that responsible adults are in crisis, and that they and their families are not in danger.

Here's Tips for parents :

  • Keep in mind the importance of routines, especially in times of crisis. Keep regular mealtimes and bedtime. Spend quiet time every night calmly.
  • Turn on the TV and radio when children around. You control the information they need and how it is presented.
  • What most children need to hear is that the adults around them take care of them.
  • Try to stay as calm as possible to children. Children should adults with emotion, but it discourages them if their parents to lose control.
  • Children can be very resilient when they feel supported and cared for by their parents and care provider.
  • Have no fear, seek help for yourself or your child. These are unusual circumstances. It is normal that not all the answers.
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